All Around Car Shipping Los Angeles utilizes the spare capacity of car carrier trailers on the U.S. roads every day. In doing so, we save our clients fuel, time and risk that go hand-in-hand with wasteful journeys. With each trailer load, we save as many as twelve wasteful trips, thus benefiting the environment.

Should you ship a car or drive it?

Everyday, a vehicle owner or dealer asks the question: Should I drive or ship my vehicle? Some of the reasons why you might ship a car to Los Angeles or from LA to another destination in the U.S., include:

You bought a vehicle from out of state and need to bring it home.
You sold a vehicle to someone in a different city and don’t have time to ship it.
You’re going on an extended business trip and want to save on car rental or public transportation costs.
You’re coming to Los Angeles to pursue your dream of making it big time, and know that you need access to your own car to make it to auditions and interviews on time.
You’re coming to LA on vacation, and don’t want the two-day, two-way interstate drive to eat into your vacation time. (Shipping your car can give you 4 extra vacation days!)
You want to send your vintage car or motorcycle to a specialist repair or service center and don’t have the time to drive it.
You have a student who is studying in LA and don’t want them to drive all the way.
You’re moving house and can’t drive both cars, so you’re coming with the family in the primary car, and shipping the second vehicle.
You’re importing or exporting a car and need it shipped to or from the international port.
You’re a car dealership or club and need cars shipped to a branch or track day.
You need a car send to a scrapyard.

As you can see, there are many reasons to ask All Around Car Shipping Los Angeles to ship your car. Save yourself time by shipping the car and flying to your destination.

What You Should Know About All Around Car Shipping Los Angeles

All Around Car Shipping Los Angeles is an experienced car shipping company with a vast network of carriers throughout the country. That means that we can ship your vehicle between Los Angeles and any other destination in continental U.S. fast and efficiently.

Our car carriers are all experienced industry experts who are licensed and bonded. We insist upon regular maintenance of all equipment and trailers.

You can choose between open car carrier auto transportation to Las Vegas, or enclosed car carrier shipping. Open car carriers are trailers that transport up to ten or twelve vehicles at a time. This is the cheapest and fastest car shipping method, as it is a bulk car transportation method. However, it does not compromise on quality service or safety.

If you have a classic, vintage or luxury car or motorcycle, enclosed car transport is the way to go. Enclosed carriers have soft or hard sides to provide even better protection for your prized possession.

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